Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RSPCA Million Paws Walk

Way too many dogs and people for my local walking track.
Is that a bad thing to say?

Anyhoo i had with me the terrible two's Batman (6 month French Bulldog) and Dakota (3 year old Blue English Staffy). Well everybody wanted to pat them and everyone asked is Batman was a Boston Terrier.... I'm like no French Bulldog. ggrrrrrrrrrrr and whats the grey one? People its a staffy she is just a little fat, they were everywhere you would have to have been super stupid not to know.

One of our friend's said the following about this photo, i laughed so much.
" Too many evil doers. Batman tired, Batman need sleep"


Ok OK end rant.

I walked the lake quite quickly, i didn't want to waste the 5km walk going slowly (plus Dakota needs to loose weight) There were the most beautiful dogs everywhere and the cutest little Chihuahua's heheheh i felt bad cause all the other dogs were much bigger than them...... but cuteness to the max.

I patted some Greyhounds from the The Greyhound Safety Net and The Greyhound Adoption Program Please visit these site and donate or adopt!!
My sister has 2 greyhounds from GSN and they are beautiful wonderful dogs. I recommend.

I purchased a blanket for the doggies and all up the day was sunny and great for the dogs to get out.

Everyone should participate next year

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Whosshoes said...

I want a Batman.
I fear the lack of maternal intincts however....